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Most popular music genres

 Music, we listen to it every day. Whether you’re putting on your own music or sitting in a waiting room, you can hear the melodies echoing through the air. In addition, there is different music playing in almost every kind of space. The number of music genres has never been so diverse in recent years. Different styles of music from all corners of the world can be heard. From POP to HipHop, Rock and Metal. As a result, everyone can enjoy one or more types of music. However, which genres are the most popular today?


POP is short for popular and is a collective term for many different styles of music. So you can’t associate a specific music movement with it. Because this genre contains many styles it is listened to by a wide audience. The similarity of the songs that fall under POP is that they have melodies that are easy on the ears. The melodies are easily recognizable and stick in the head easily. After listening to the songs a few times you can most likely sing along. The result? A POP song becomes even more popular.

Vocals samples

Vocal samples are not a genre in itself, but one of the most important elements in music. A vocal is used in many genres and can give the producer new inspiration. For almost every music genre you can find a suitable vocal sample. You can buy your vocal sample per sample, but also in a vocal sample pack. 

Moombahton samples

Moombahton is a relatively young genre in the music world. It is a subgenre of reggaeton and house, but is gaining a lot of popularity. The influences of this genre have become indispensable in the music world. Moombahton can be easily produced using Moombahton sample packs.

Hip Hop and Rap

Hip hop and Rap have gained a lot of popularity since the 1980s. While this genre used to be found in a few cultures, it has become mainstream to a large extent nowadays. However, hip hop and rap are more than just music, it has become a true artistic movement and subculture. 


Rock is a music genre known for its guitars and loud drums. The genre of rock became very popular in the 1950s and stems from the genres of country and rhythm & blues. Rock’s popularity among young people has waned considerably, but that doesn’t make the genre any less popular for those who spent their youth in the 1950s. 

Dance and electronic music

Dance and electronic music have made a real comeback since the 1990s. The top music lists are full of songs from this genre and for good reason. Dance music is composed using computers and digital devices. You hear Dance and electronic music everywhere you are, in a club, at festivals and the radio. You can’t escape it anymore.


Classical is a music genre listened to by different age groups all over the world. What is special is that classical has been played for some time. Centuries-old pieces of music are still very popular today and even form the basis for other styles of music.