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Learn more about your customers as a company

When you have a successful company, it also means that you generate a lot of turnover and therefore usually have many customers. You’re doing something right, otherwise your business wouldn’t be as successful. Customers are enthusiastic about your product or service and are happy to come back to you. Yet in every company there is room for improvement of the product or service. To improve, you often need to learn more about your customers. After all, your customer is the one who buys your product or service and then uses it. To find out more about your customers, you can use several methods, including the customer journey mapping and the voice of the customer guide. Curious about these methods? Then read on.

Customer journey mapping

The customer journey mapping is therefore one of those methods. You will map the entire journey of your customer with this method. That journey starts from the moment your customer meets you and starts thinking about a purchase in his or her head until the moment after the purchase. In between there are a number of steps that you can map out completely and that are part of that journey. You should see all these steps as the moments when your customer comes into contact with your product or service. These are also known as touch points. With this method, it is the intention that you map out the pain points of the customer at all touch points. What is your customer facing? Once you know this, you can improve your product or service. Do this method at least once a year to keep happy customers.


Voice of the customer guide

The voice of the customer guide is also one of the methods. This method is similar to the previous method, but slightly different. In short, with this method you receive all feedback from the customer. This feedback relates to their needs, their expectations and their feelings about your product or service. This method uses data. With this method, the customer therefore consciously provides feedback, while with the previous method you go in search of the customer’s pain points yourself.