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How to keep your warehouse tidy and clean

How to keep your warehouse tidy and clean  

It can be a madhouse in the warehouse, staff come and go, loads are brought in and out, products fly in all directions and the machines used are far from clean. With so many feet walking across the warehouse floor and/or mezzanine floor every day, it is impossible to keep the floor tidy and clean during the week. To facilitate the speed of the personnel, it is important that the warehouse remains clean and tidy. When it’s dirty, people will quickly make it even dirtier and when dirt and debris are left on the floor, people can trip and get injured. In this blog post, we will explain how you can quickly and easily get the warehouse clean and tidy again so that everyone can work comfortably.


Step 1: Clean up the big pieces and vacuum

At the end of the day, it is important that all paths are walked to collect dirt. Chances are you will find pieces of cardboard, paper, plastic, polystyrene and possibly other types of rubbish. These large pieces should be removed to prevent accidents and make the rest of the clean-up easier. After you have picked up the biggest pieces you can use the vacuum cleaner to manage all the dust and sand that’s left over. When the biggest pieces of rubbish have left the building, the place will already look so much better. 


Step 2: Mopping up completes the job

The moment you have finished vacuuming and all the dust and sand has disappeared, it is time to bring out the mop. This will get rid of all the big stains and dirt that you can’t get rid of with a hoover. To clean the floor properly, it is best to use a special floor cleaner. This will make mopping much easier.  


Step 3. The floor needs to be dry

To prevent accidents from happening it is important to dry the floor. An accident can happen easily and wet floors are more dangerous than you might think. Of course you don’t want your order pickers to slip during their job. The nice thing about a neat, clean and dry floor is that people are less inclined to get something clean and dirty. If you put effort into the daily maintenance of your warehouse floor and/or mezzanine floor, you will see that it will stay cleaner.